About us


An experience-led
Design Agency

We combine strategy and technology to fix complex problems in an easy way

Elevator Studios is a close team of creative professionals based in Columbus, Ohio. We believe in the power of design and critical thinking. Using our experience-led approach, we focus on using design to challenge conventions and deliver exceptional custom solutions. 

It’s never been more important to have a design-driven process in place and stand out from the crowd. We help you succeed by blending our design vision and expertise with strategic insights into elegant, engaging products to drive your business forward. 

Our Philosophy

Own the Work

We treat each project like it’s our own. We fiercely advocate for the end user in all the products and services we offer and are eager to own our part in their creation.


On every project, we strive for excellence. We understand the importance of the ‘sum of its parts’, and our goal will always be excellence.

All for One

We know that to truly achieve the best possible versions of ourselves, we need to understand our strengths and weaknesses and work in openness and humility.


Josh Murphy

Principal | UX/UI Design | Branding

Sun-Jan Huang

Principal | ID | Research & Strategy

Diana Juratovac

Design Director