Various Clients
Buttonwood Network

At its core, Buttonwood is a financial investment platform. Elevator created a mark and color palette that leverages the visual of a buttonwood tree.  It was under this tree that the founding agreement of the New York Stock Exchange was made.

Advancing Women In Tech

Advancing Women In Tech (AWIT) aims to empower women and other underrepresented groups to advance their careers in product and technical leadership. Made of a series of rounded rectangles, the brand mark is balanced, sharp, and boldand is the basis for the broader brand story. The design represents how individual pieces come together to make a whole. 

Mead FiveStar

School supply brand Mead Five Star developed Builder as a digital education platform to aid high school students. Mead developed a brand that would be scalable across different high school courses. The Builder color palette and logo gives nod to Mead’s Five Star iconic color-coded binder dividers. 

Furnace Brewing Co.

Our goal with the Furnace Brewing Co. was to balance simplicity with a retro, fun aesthetic. Elevator was responsible for the bottle packaging design and illustrations. 


Florence provides in-home, reliable care experience for families and social care professionals. We created a stand-alone “F” mark that visualizes the natural back-and-forth flow between patient, family, and therapy. It’s also a fresh take on theRod of Asclepius, otherwise known as the classic snake-coiled Doctor’s Symbol. 

Burger 76

Elevator had a unique opportunity to create a brand mark and identity for an in-stadium craft burger restaurant for Aramark. Burger 76 (shortened to B76) was slated to be a gastro-pub inspired burger joint with industrial lighting, exposed brick, and a vintage aesthetic.

CTI Clinical Trial & Consulting

To launch CTI’s 15 year anniversary, Elevator updated the color palette, type treatment, and gave the original arrow a more purposeful direction. This refresh gave CTI the nod forward they needed to stay relevant.  

Pom & Me

Elevator was approached with a distinctly unique opportunity: design a yoga studio brand mark and online presence to mix mindfulness and balance with modern and stylistic aesthetics – with — best of all: the everpresent, in-studio yoga mascot – the owner’s pet Pomeranian! 

Muchowich Marine Services

Muchowich Marine Services is a multi-generational family-owned oil and marine fleet service company. They tasked Elevator with creating their brand identity, including the brand mark, color palette and overall visuals. 


Introducing Apex, a car washing product brand with a name inspired by the apex of a race track and a design that gives nod to a tachometer’s dynamic movement. Our design embodies precision, control, and ultimate performance, perfectly capturing the innovative, eco-friendly, and user-centric values of Apex.


Cleverly named, Tap embodies the dual nature of its function as a water faucet and its interactive touchscreen capabilities, creating an intuitive and engaging water usage experience. The brandmark is merging a modern, friendly approach with an analytics-driven aesthetic. 


How would you learn about or explore trade shows, conferences and expos without any previous knowledge? That was the question that launched SquidIt – the app that enables searching, discovering and purchasing tickets to any convention or conference.